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I’ve been working on THE DEADLIEST SPORT, the third book in the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series, the one that illuminates Miriam’s relationship with Binyamin, her twin brother. He’s been a gladiator for ten years and is preparing for his last bout before retiring.

Alexandria is flooded with tourists and blooming with posters advertising the games. One of the earliest events will be the venationes, the acts that feature exotic animals from every corner of the Empire. Monkeys will ride dogs; sea lions will bark on cue; and elephants will dance wearing glittery costumes. But the most popular of the venationes is the hunt, when unmounted gladiators demonstrate their skill against the wildest beasts with a javelin, hunting spear, or bow and arrows.

The books need not be read in order, but I think they're more fun that way because you can see the characters develop over time. So, before you get too far behind, pick up the first book, THE DEADLIEST LIE, at The second book, THE DEADLIEST HATE, will be coming out this Fall.

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